Special Education Teacher Support Services

Specially designed and/or supplemental instruction to support the participation of the student with a disability in the general education classroom.

These services are designed to be flexible, helping students to remain in the general education classroom and use the combined expertise of both the general and special education teacher. They may be provided within the general education classroom or in a separate location. Group size for SETSS provided in the general education classroom or in a separate location may not exceed a maximum of eight students.


Direct Services provide specially designed instruction and/or supplementary instruction delivered by a special education teacher through individual and/or small group instruction to provide the student with compensatory skill development and remediation activities. They address the areas of deficit that have been identified for that student and strengthen the student’s cognitive skills. Direct Services are provided to address educational needs directly related to the student’s disability and not to provide additional academic instruction.

Behavioral Support

Enhanced Learning programs and services are individualized to support each child’s pattern of development and learning in an environment that is most suitbale for child progress. We provides Sped and community services in the home and in school based settings.

Physical and Medical Support

We are staffed by education, and Sped professionals. Our teachers, therapists, and staff, in addition to their professional qualifications bring heart to childhood development. We welcome qualified professionals to apply for available positions.

One-on-One Paraprofessionals

Your child may have a one-on-one paraprofessional if she requires more support. The one-on-one paraprofessional will work just with your child and may also go with your child to occupational therapyspeech therapy or other therapies and field trips, too.