FocusEd on Onboarding

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Welcome to Enhanced Services! View the smoothest student onboarding process ever.

FocusEd on Procedures and Routines

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Procedures and

Student achievement at the end of the year is directly related to the degree to which a teacher establishes good control of the classroom procedures in the very first weeks of the school year

FocusEd on Language

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Eli walked into my office with an anxious smile. He didn’t know why he was meeting with me. He claimed he knew his Chumash

FocusEd on Positive Behavior

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You’re here to teach the child. To make sure every kid can learn in the way their brain will process it best. That’s your ultimate goal. But sometimes, a

FocusEd on Parent Collaboration

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You care about the children you work with. You invest every ounce of effort, heart and skill into your work with them